The passage of Proposition 417 in the November 6, 2018 election will continue the current Coconino County secondary property tax that helps fund CCC.

Because CCC plays a critical role in our community and local economy.

How the revenue will be used

Initiate new career and technical education and training programs that prepare Coconino County students for jobs in Coconino County including related costs.

Develop new programs to support veterans’ training for civilian jobs including related costs.

Develop new programs to train and re-train Coconino County workers, in conjunction with Coconino County employers and expand current job training programs including related costs.

Enhance educational services throughout Coconino County, including communities such as Page, Tuba City, and Williams, including related costs.

Encourage and support lifelong learning programs, including related costs.

Proposition #417 CCC Governing Board Resolution

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When you give to Supporters of a Thriving CCC, you inform voters of the vital role Coconino Community College plays in our region. Your donation will be used to fund the Yes on Prop #417 campaign to continue the current property tax that helps fund the college. With that continued support, CCC will be able to maintain and expand its affordable education and workforce training programs for all Coconino County residents.