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Supporters for a Thriving CCC

As longtime residents of Coconino County, members of Supporters for a Thriving CCC (a political action committee) urge you to SUPPORT Proposition 417.

Coconino Community College will use this revenue to invest in classroom programs that directly benefit students. YES on Prop 417 maintains the current tax and allows the College to redirect funds from capital projects to meet educational needs. PROP 417 IS NOT A NEW TAX, and it will sunset in seven years.

Coconino Community College graduates fill essential roles across our community, including public safety and medical professionals who keep our communities safe and our families healthy.

By expanding programs, the College will reinvigorate technical and professional training and will reach into communities that faced service reductions during the Great Recession. This will help local communities by providing education for veterans, training unemployed and under employed adults, and educating students of all ages. A vibrant educational system, which Coconino Community College provides, is essential for the economic health of our residents and the well-being of our communities.

Please join us in VOTING YES for Proposition #417 to keep Coconino Community College strong and our community healthy and competitive.

AZ State Representative Bob Thorpe LD-6

Dear Coconino County Citizens:

As your Representative in Legislative District 6, I am very familiar with the important role that Coconino Community College (CCC) plays in Northern Arizona.

Please join me in supporting Proposition #417 which continues CCC funding WITHOUT RAISING YOUR TAXES.

Under Dr. Smith’s terrific leadership, CCC has identified existing revenues that can fund the expansion of programs and classes that are in high demand across the county. After extensive conversations and meetings with Coconino County residents and businesses, CCC has identified how the resources will be used to broaden their student reach and academic content.

Our community colleges contribute to the economic competitiveness of our county and region, by providing accessible, affordable education for our workforce and students, and enhancing the quality of life for our seniors. CCC graduates contribute more to our community through higher wages and increased personal spending.

Strong community colleges help Northern AZ businesses remain competitive by providing skilled workers that our employers need – WITHOUT RAISING TAXES. I believe in CCC‘s mission. Please join me in VOTING YES on Proposition #417.

AZ State Representative Bob Thorpe LD-6
Chairman of the Federalism, Property Rights and Public Policy Committee, Vice Chairman of the Government Committee

Kerry Blume

Coconino Community College provides affordable, accessible and quality education for all types of students in our community.

Whether our residents are on a pathway to a four-year degree, seeking professional certification in a number of areas, taking advantage of job training or retraining or looking to add to their retirement experience, the College’s students enjoy a nurturing and practical education that benefits themselves, their families, their employers and our community at-large.

Please join me in Supporting Proposition #417 and keeping Coconino Community College as a vital partner in our Community.


Kerry Blume

Gail D. Lowe

I support CCC for the opportunities it provides to Coconino County – multi-generational education with small class sizes, certificate programs, accessible instructors and life-long learning programs.

Mandy Metzger

One size does not fit all when it comes to educational opportunities. It is with true enthusiasm that I support Proposition 417, allowing Coconino Community College to maintain and expand critical programs and classes that are filling significant needs in northern Arizona.

Growing up and living in a rural area, I learned first-hand about the very real need for diversity when it comes to educational opportunities. Coconino Community College provides this diversity. From mechanics and welding to nursing, law enforcement, firefighting and much more, CCC is a great place for students of all ages seeking a step up in educational and job readiness programs.

Please join me in voting for Proposition 417 on November 6th. When a community takes care of its own, that’s a good place to live!

Mandy Metzger

Susie Garretson

I see Coconino Community College as one of the gems of Coconino County. The possibilities of what the college can do with the funds, should Prop 417 pass, to expand and improve on the programs and classes offered to Coconino County residents are exciting.

I am proud to endorse Proposition 417. I encourage all who want better lives for our residents, and more qualified employees and leaders for our businesses, non-profits, health, and criminal justice organizations, etc., to vote for Proposition 417.

Susie Garretson

Nat White

As the elected District 1 Coconino Community College Governing Board member since 1999, it is obvious to me why we all should support Proposition 417! The stories of success shared during the nineteen graduations I’ve attended attest, with no doubt, the need served by our Community College. Proposition 417 supports a special, caring, higher education opportunity for all of us when life affords that chance.

Jim McCarthy – Flagstaff City Council member

Proposition 417 is receiving bi-partisan support because it will not increase taxes but will provide opportunities for residents to improve their skills and get good paying jobs. Our community college gives hard-working people a way to get ahead. Please support Prop. 417.

Jim Parks, Coconino County Supervisor, District 4

To my friends, neighbors, and fellow voters:
As the District 4 Coconino County Supervisor and a concerned citizen, I ask for your support on Proposition #417.

Coconino Community College has identified an EXISTING revenue stream that they can shift to fund programs that are in demand by our residents, employers, and by the businesses that serve our community. This means the College can begin to recover from the budget cuts left over from the Great Recession – WITHOUT RAISING NEW TAXES.


A university degree may not be for everyone and Coconino Community College plays an important role in the economic vitality of Northern Arizona. Community College graduates earn more than those with a high school diploma, and the College helps those in our community attain a higher education degree that is affordable and in demand by our county’s employers. A significant majority of those local graduates from the College STAY in our community filling jobs that are in demand , such as , first responders and medical professionals, and trades.

A strong Community College helps our region remain competitive for business and provides skilled workers for employers by shifting this EXISTING revenue stream—WITHOUT RAISING NEW TAXES. I believe this college administration is dedicated to serving all our County and I ask for your vote in support of Proposition #417 in November.

Thank you.
Jim Parks
Coconino County Supervisor, District 4

Walter Phelps, Navajo Nation Council Delegate for several Coconino County Chapters

Anything we can do to support education in our communities is a good thing. In the case of supporting and encouraging people to vote YES on Proposition #417, it supports students in western Navajo.

Lena Fowler – County Supervisor District 5

Dear Citizens,

I strongly support Proposition 417 for Coconino Community College. Please vote YES! Quality education, workforce training, and development are crucial pillars to a sustainable and resilient economy. Proposition 417 would result in no increase to the current secondary property tax rate. A yes vote will fund critical programs in career and technical education as we face the uncertain future of the Navajo Generating Station.

As you remember, in 2014 the Page Campus was almost closed. With the outpouring of community support the CCC board kept it open. It’s our turn to provide support for the critical mission of the College.

Adequate resources are a crucial component that ensures our College is equipped to provide our rural county residents access to affordable, quality education. The College is a critical partner in building the foundation for new business opportunities by ensuring that our citizens are well educated and prepared for emerging careers.

State aid to the College has declined from 37% of the College’s General Fund revenues in 1999 to 9% in fiscal year 2017-2018. Coconino County has the lowest property tax rate in the state. Please join me in supporting Proposition 417 which will immensely benefit our county.

Best Regards,
Lena Fowler
County Supervisor District 5
Coconino County Board of Supervisors

Mayor Coral Evans and Supervisor Elizabeth Archuleta


As life-long residents of Coconino County, we ask you to join us and VOTE YES on Proposition 417.

YES on Prop 417 maintains the current tax and allows the College to redirect funds from capital projects to meet educational needs. PROP 417 IS NOT A NEW TAX and will sunset in seven years. Coconino Community College will use this existing bond revenue to invest in classroom programs that directly benefits our students.

Coconino Community College provides an affordable and accessible pathway to post-secondary education, valuable training to our community to ensure access to higher paying jobs and increased quality of life. Prop 417 will make sure the College continues to help local communities by providing education for veterans, training unemployed and under employed adults, and educating students of all ages. A vibrant educational system, like the Community College’s, is essential for the economic health of our residents and the well-being of our entire community.

Please join us in supporting Proposition 417 to keep Coconino Community College strong and vibrant.

Mayor Coral Evans and Supervisor Elizabeth Archuleta

Senator Sylvia Allen

The Community College contributes to the economic competitiveness of Coconino County, and the accessibility of affordable education for it’s residents offers significant value to northern Arizona. The Community College graduates earn more, are employable, and contribute to our community through higher wages and increased spending.

A viable and vibrant Community College helps our region remain competitive for businesses and provides skilled workers for employers – WITHOUT RAISING TAXES. I am proud to ask you in joining me in supporting Proposition #417.

Felicia French

My daughter and I both attended Community College after high school in Arizona. We also both went on to get undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, and I have taught at a Community College. I wholeheartedly support Community Colleges, including the Coconino County Community College, and encourage voters to support Prop 417, which will provide additional programs without raising taxes.

Felicia French
Arizona House of Representatives Candidate Legislative District 6


Maury Herman and Karen Kinne-Herman

Maury Herman and Karen Kinne-Herman CCC trains people to save lives.

Twenty-nine years ago, we had to make a 911 call in a life-threating medical emergency. The skill and preparedness of the emergency responders saved Karen’s life.

Here in Northern Arizona, our emergency personnel use Coconino Community College for training that saves lives, whether we live in Flagstaff or Tuba City, Grand Canyon or Williams, Sedona or Page. CCC also trains nurses and helps local residents to improve their job skills.

We support this bond because:
1. It doesn’t add a new tax or increase an existing tax rate.
2. Revenue will bring back programs to underserved parts of our county and expand technical training.
3. The tax expires in seven years, so we can verify that the funds are being used effectively.

Through its CCC to NAU program, CCC also provides higher education, with smaller classes and lower tuition available to all students.

As residents and real estate investors, we know that we benefit from living in a community that provides essential emergency services and encourages continuous development of job skills. Please join us in supporting this continuation of CCC’s funding by voting YES on PROP 417.


Maury Herman and Karen Kinne-Herman

Nat White

Nat White

Dear Voters,

Please vote YES on Proposition 417 to maintain the small, current, secondary property tax for seven years.

Coconino Community College, our college, provides the way for high school students and recent graduates to take the next step in life. For friends and neighbors at all stages of their working careers, CCC provides the affordable opportunity to change career directions or add new skills and refresh current skills, or just to pursue an interest from art to construction. Voting yes for Proposition 417 is a vote for new and needed programs in career and technical education.

Doney Park, Timberline and Fernwood Estates, Kachina and Mountainaire, don’t forget Winona, Fort Valley, Bellemont, Parks, Williams, Grand Canyon/Tusyan, and the areas centered on Page, Tuba City, and Leupp, as well as Flagstaff, are all part of Coconino Community College’s community.

If you need more information please visit the CCC site or the citizens supporting Proposition 417 site.

Thanks you for your sincere consideration,
Nat White
Coconino Community College Governing Board, District 1

Carl and Holly Taylor

Carl and Holly Taylor

Today we are at a crossroads regarding providing long-term training and education for many in our community. It is VITAL that we, as citizens of Coconino County, Vote YES on Proposition #417 to repurpose a secondary tax bond for capital funding into much needed funding for the programs that make CCC unique in our community – an educational institution committed to training students for employment and providing classes to develop our interests and skills. It is important to understand that this is not a new tax in competition with other school initiatives, but rather intended to provide greater flexibility in use of funds to address program needs requested by our citizens.

We have been moved to action by being part of the CCC Champions group, a gathering of community members interested in enhancing the educational outreach of Coconino Community College. We do this because we understand and support increasing Coconino Community College’s improvement and expansion into our communities. We have facilities to support programs, but not sufficient resources to meet the clear needs in our County.

Please vote YES on Prop #417 to continue (not a tax increase) our secondary property tax to keep CCC strong and growing in our communities!

Carl and Holly Taylor

Matt Ryan, Coconino County Supervisor

Matt Ryan

I am writing to encourage people to vote for the Coconino Community College override, Proposition #417. It is not an increase in tax.

Community colleges provide a more affordable higher education. Education assists in upward mobility related to jobs and career opportunities. An affordable higher education for our next generation also assists in enhancing the socioeconomic depth of diversity and a breadth of opportunities for the community.

We want to see our pride – our children – succeed and hopefully exceed what we have done.
Education is the door to that future and Coconino Community College makes it more accessible.

Community colleges also provide a more affordable path towards career enhancement for those already on the job.

Please Vote ‘Yes’ for Proposition #417 supporting the Coconino Community College override.

Matt Ryan
Coconino County Supervisor

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