United Flagstaff Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1505

Casey Gonzales
Secretary Treasurer
Austin Rupe
Executive Vice President
Matt Gibbs



The 172 members of United Flagstaff Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1505, announce their endorsement and support of Proposition #417 and the Coconino Community College (CCC).

Prop #417 simply makes sense. CCC has been a valuable member of Coconino County and Flagstaff in offering programs that directly benefit the citizens. CCC is an invaluable resource to learners of all ages and backgrounds. Over 90% of firefighters employed in Coconino County have received training or certifications through CCC. Further, 80% of nursing graduates who currently work in Coconino County were educated at CCC.

In Arizona, state funding has decreased significantly. CCC’s leadership has been fiscally responsible in using this already existing secondary tax to build their Lone Tree Campus and pay off the associated construction costs. They are now seeking to continue offering those programs that benefit all of us.

The United Flagstaff Fire Fighters fully support the continued investment in an institution whose mission is to improve Coconino County communities by offering lifelong learning opportunities to the people who live and work in the community. We ask that you continue to support your community by voting YES on Prop 417.

For more information about Prop 417, please go to:


Casey Gonzales
United Flagstaff Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1505